Cloverdale West Village was previously the Cloverdale Plaza Mall; a community shopping centre with several small retail units. Cloverdale West Village is located at the west end of Cloverdale’s Town Centre and is an important redevelopment site that is aligned with the City of Surrey’s growth and development plans for the area.

In order to prepare the site for redevelopment, SCDC undertook an extensive remediation of the site to address contaminants associated with a former dry-cleaner on the property. After their successful remediation, the properties were sold to Townline and Mosaic respectively, who developed high caliber residential projects at Cloverdale West Village.

Aerial Image of Cloverdale West Village - May 2016
Aerial Image of Cloverdale West Village - Nov. 2015
Cloverdale West Village, Fencing - December 2015Cloverdale West Village, Fencing - December 2015