Our Commitment to Surrey



  1. To act as a catalyst for positive development that will support and accelerate the City of Surrey’s social, cultural, community, economic and environmental objectives
  2. To generate revenue through our real estate activity including building an income producing real estate portfolio
  3. To provide strategic real estate advice in support of the City’s vision for redeveloping areas of the City including the best use of surplus City-owned lands
  1. Since Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC) was first incorporated in 2007, the City of Surrey’s population has grown to over 500,000 people and the city has matured into one of the most thriving and exciting communities in Western Canada. Throughout this journey SCDC has supported Surrey’s growth into becoming a vibrant and complete community through our progressive real estate activities. Whether facilitating job creation and growing the commercial tax base through extensive industrial developments, remediation of abandoned and contaminated land so that it can be repurposed as a vibrant new residential community or expanding Metro’s second downtown in Surrey City Centre, SCDC has contributed in many meaningful and positive ways to Surrey’s growth.  We take great pride in helping Surrey evolve into a vital and fulfilling community where our citizens can live, work and play.
  1. The City of Surrey is the sole Shareholder of SCDC through a Partnering Agreement, which outlines the Company’s directives and authorities; it is not involved in the day-to-day management of SCDC. By virtue of the Partnering Agreement, SCDC aligns its goals with the City of Surrey.