Who We Are

Surrey City Development Corporation (SCDC) was incorporated in 2007 and is one of the instruments that the City of Surrey uses to advance the City into a more vibrant, sustainable and complete community.

SCDC is a for-profit real estate development company and is separate from the City of Surrey with independent finance, operations, and governance. SCDC is governed by an independent professional Board of Directors. SCDC has generated an annual surplus from operations since 2011 and has paid an annual dividend to the City of Surrey since 2013. The annual dividend is funded from SCDC’s consolidated annual surplus from operations; the cumulative total of dividends to the City now stands at $27.0 million. These funds have contributed to the City’s budget for a number of important initiatives including the biodiversity conservation program, technological infrastructure and library capital improvements.

What We Do

SCDC undertakes a variety of  real estate activities which help achieve the City of Surrey’s objectives.  These objectives range from growing the industrial tax base and generating local employment  opportunities, to finding new housing sites and establishing the Surrey City Centre as one of the top two business districts in Metro.  This includes undertaking real estate development projects, often in partnership with the private sector, that would not typically be taken on by the private sector on their own. While responsible financial operations is the foundation of all our activities, our success is not just measured by our financial performance but rather on how our activities have also advanced the City economically, socially, physically and environmentally.  We strive to provide an annual dividend to the City of Surrey to help fund other initiatives as determined by Mayor and Council.